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The Writing Therapy

When it comes to getting your handwriting analyzed or getting  evaluated on any personality test, do you get conscious? Do you feel afraid of being judged like most people? Do you hesitate because it may reveal your weaknesses and of course, none of us want to feel criticized in anyway. Our self-esteem is the most important element in us and we do not like it when anything tries to disturb that aspect of ourselves. Well, if the answer is yes, your concerns are quite understandable. The fear of being judged and evaluated is common to most individuals. If your answer is a no, you are a curious individual who prefers to gain deeper insights about oneself in order to increase self awareness in order to enroute a journey of personal growth and development.

It comes as a surprise to most people that handwriting cannot only reveal aspects about your personality; it can also help in modifying your personality traits according to your goals to build a better future. The writing therapy, popularly named as graphotherapy is an unique and effective way to change your personality in a desirable manner through you simple way of changing the way you write.

The unconscious mind, the mind we have no insights about, is almost 75% of the mind outside the realm of conscious mind, the mind we have awareness of. The unconscious unknowingly reveals itself through various outlets such as dreams, slip of tongue as well as handwriting. We do not have awareness about a major bulk of our personality since most of it lies in the unconscious. We have been writing since the time we began our education and never understood that it speaks volumes about us. Our handwriting is a conscious act to project our unconscious on paper. Through handwriting analysis, we gain deeper insights about ourselves and also learn that some of our traits are undesirable to achieve our goals. We then decide to modify those traits. Graphotherapy can help us modify certain patterns, strokes, and other elements of handwriting which are indicative of those undesirable traits, in a conscious manner to produce desirable personality changes at the subconscious level.

When we write, our brain sends message to the brain through the nerves to arm and hand which produces writing on the paper revealing our traits. However, graphotherapy can be thought of as a reversal of the normal process. In this case, our hand consciously changes elements of one’s handwriting and sends message to the brain which stores the information
provided by the hand in order to produce desirable personality changes in accordance with the stroke created by the hand.

An exhaustive analysis of handwriting is extremely necessary before beginning with graphotherapy, After all, it is important to gain insights about our traits in order to identify which traits will facilitate in achieving our goals and which traits may act as road blocks to achieving our goals. Goal setting another essential ingredient of graphotherapy. There are endless elements in handwriting that can be changed such as 26 capitalized and non-capitalized letters, spacing, size, pressure, margins, angles, connections, strokes, shapes and the list can go on. It is important we set goals in the beginning of graphotherapy about the areas we need to work on so that therapy can be planned in accordance in accordance with the goals. A generalized approach can take a lifetime. It is easier for the client also because goal setting narrows down the areas to focus upon.

Practicing the tips suggested in graphotherapy is essential after the therapy is terminated. The way we write has become a habit since childhood and habits do not change easily. A regular practice and monitoring of handwriting samples by graphologists is a must.

It is also a dangerous thing to change one’s handwriting without the recommendations of a graphologist. In case of a naïve and soft spoken person, it is important to guide the client in being more assertive, however, an already assertive individual trying the same graphology tip can get backfired leading to aggressive behavior in the individual.

Some common tips for personality growth that is suitable for everyone to try are out are an upward slant, good size, firm base, even spacing, connected script, even baseline and baseline. It is also advisable to avoid certain elements like disconnected script, downward slant, extra heavy or extra light pressure, knots, loops, and tapering strokes.

Graphotherapy can also bring various benefits such as personality profiling, building self-confidence, better relationships, choosing appropriate career, changing undesirable habits, building on strengths, overcoming obstacles in our personality, having a healthy mind as well as body in order to build a desirable future and achieve our goals. Your handwriting may not always tell you about major flaws within you, but it can provide you with areas to improvise upon and fix through the writing therapy.

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