Saachi Arora

Supportive Sessions

People start to heal the moment they feel heard.

Want to know gain clarity about your mental health issues?

Want to feel heard & acknowledged for your feelings?

Want to know how therapy and counseling can help you?

Do not worry. We are here for you.

Therapy By Saachi- A safe space for you bring to you an initiative “A SUPPORTIVE SPACE”. An initiative which offers a space to all individuals facing difficulties and challenges in times of Pandemic. These times have been difficult for all leading to loneliness, fears, anxieties, & other adjustment difficulties.

It’s essential to have an outlet for your emotions and frustrations. Generally, it’s healthier to let things out than hold them in. And doing so feels almost akin to problem-solving—in the moment, at least. Venting your frustrations alleviates tension and stress. You almost always feel better—and “lighter”—after sharing some perceived threat, indignity, misfortune, or injustice.

If you are in doubt whether therapy is the right space for you, we have an alternative!!!. A Supportive Space where individuals with background in Psychology will provide you a safe & non judgmental space to hear you out & address your distress.

P.S. This is not a substitute to therapy. All these individuals will be consistently supervised by a clinical psychologist.